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Content marketing is essential to improve Google ranking

In its infancy, the web and how search engines ranked sites were abused with a technique called “keyword stuffing”: website owners would add search terms in the copy as many times as possible, regardless of how poorly it read and they would be assured of appearing high in the results.

As a counter-measure, Google has been continuously refining its algorithms to favour quality content and penalise black-hat SEO techniques. This has certainly made the web a better place as it is designed to offer people interesting and relevant content.

But what is content marketing? Very simply put, it is writing content for a website using popular keywords, but without ever appearing to be using keywords. You want web spiders to notice you but they won’t be the ones buying from you, people will, so the last thing you want is to irritate them because your website makes little sense.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Like any form of art, you won’t notice the complexity of if it is well done and flows naturally, but content with keywords ‘forced’ into it unnaturally will jump at your visitors immediately and affect their perception of your business.

Not everybody enjoys writing, and even fewer business owners are able to take the time to step out of the day-to-day running of their operations to research current topics and develop a long-term strategy.

So contact us to find out how we can develop a coherent content marketing strategy for you, to provide your visitors with copy they will find and remember.

osaCase Study:

A psychotherapist commissioned to create content and sourcing pictures for a new website dedicated to overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder through mindfulness.

He was launching a pioneering online-based treatment and needed to attract traffic as well as gain professional recognition.

Within a year, it was picked up by PsychCentral, the big Daddy of American psychology websites, as one of the Top 10 of Anxiety Blogs worlwide for 2014. Not only had it succeeded in attracting traffic, but it also garnered praise for its “down-to-earth, neat” style.