Website Optimisation

Icebergs in AntarcticaWebsite optimisation is very much like an iceberg: much more happens under the surface than is visible.

On-page SEO is the very foundation of any digital success. So if you are wondering how to get your website on Google, this is the first step.

We will select strategic keywords with you and weave them throughout your website to reach critical mass; some of them in the copy, but most of them working hard for you in the back-end coding. This selection will form the basis of all the optimisation in and around your website, signalling your relevance to all search engines.

Thanks to our extensive writing experience, we are able to integrate keywords naturally so that your website isn’t shouting “SEO” on every page, but is informative, engaging and relevant to human beings.

We are equally happy to devise your SEO strategy on a website designed by us or an existing website designed by a third party.

We can also put together short-term and long-term strategies to suit your budget, so contact us to find out how to get your website on Google’s first pages of results.